Refer a Friend

Get your CV for Free
If you’re happy with your CV – and how your career progressed as a result of it, then why not share your satisfaction with your friends, family and work colleagues? By doing so, you can earn some money back – right up to 100% of your initial outlay.

How it works:

Quite simply, as a satisfied customer, you can refer up to 10 friends. Every time one of those 10 people buys a CV, you earn back 10% of your original outlay. So, if all 10 of your referrals use us, then you’ve earned back 10 x 10% = 100% – and got your CV for free!

What’s more, not only will we write a CV that works for all your referrals: once they become satisfied customers, they too can refer 10 friends and so be on the way to getting their CV for free.


Emma purchases a 'Between 10 and 20 years' experience' CV format, which costs £200. She then refers her friend Ben. Ben chooses the 'Between 5 and 10 years' experience' CV format which costs £150. For providing the referral, Emma receives a 10% refund (£20). Once Ben starts referring friends, he too will earn back 10% of his £150 every time one of his 10 friends buys a CV.

How to Refer:

  1. Give us your 10 friends’ email addresses. Or if you prefer, give your 10 referrals our email address:
  2. If you choose the latter option, make sure they email us, clearly stating which satisfied customer has referred them.
  3. You’ll then get an email notifying you of the fact that they’ve registered their interest (so now it’s up to you to ensure they follow through!).
  4. They purchase a CV from the site, as a normal customer.
  5. On completion, you get your 10% Refer a Friend refund.
  6. Everybody’s happy.