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Here’s the most important part: how to buy a CV. One that will change your life – by immediately improving your career prospects.

From Graduate CVs and College Leaver CVs to Executive CVs and Professional CVs, rest assured, every single order is executed with the utmost professionalism, accuracy and integrity. And every order is unique.

Buy your CV through Google Checkout
CV type Price Buy now
1. School/College Leaver CV (aged up to 19) £50
2. University/College Graduate CV (aged 19+) £75
3. Less than 5 years’ full-time working experience £100
4. Between 5 and 10 years’ full-time working experience £150
5. Between 10 and 20 years’ full-time working experience £200
6. Over 20 years’ full-time working experience £250
CV Covering Letters
(only available if a CV is purchased)
Letter type Price Buy now
1. Covering letter – to accompany a speculative application £50
2. Application letter – to address a specific job application £60
3. Linkedin Profile Page £POA  

Telephone Consultations

Included in the price of each CV is a one-to-one telephone consultation. Up to half an hour for Graduate CVs and College Leaver CVs (option 1 and 2) and up to one hour for Professional CVs and Executive CVs (option 3 to 6). Here, we’ll discuss the information you’ve provided in more detail and get a better understanding of you, your aims and your ambitions.

Don’t forget your CV covering letter

Of course, a CV on its own is only part of the answer. It’s amazing how many applicants are badly let down by a terrible CV covering letter. A good CV covering letter is vital, whether you’re applying for a specific vacancy or writing speculatively. The answer is one of Dazzling CVs expertly crafted CV covering letters or a tightly focused application letter that will immediately catch the eye of any potential employer. Please note: These can only be bought in conjunction with a CV.

How it works

  1. You choose your required product(s) and pay the relevant fee via the secure Google payment system. This comprises state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption. So all of your financial details are safe.
  2. We’ll confirm your order by email and ask you to complete our specially designed questionnaire.
  3. Once completed, you’ll provide us with a good time to call. We’ll then undertake a detailed telephone consultation with you, which will last up to ½ or 1 hour, depending on the CV purchased. If you wish to go over the allotted time, then addition charges will apply (see 'Phone Consultation Extension').
  4. We’ll then prepare your new CV. This will be done within 7 days.
  5. We email your new CV to you. You then have 7 days to assess your new CV and ask for any changes or amendments.
  6. Within those 7 days we will work with you to make the changes.
  7. You are welcome to make changes after the 7 days but additional charges will apply (Prices on application).

Future Amendments
(This only applies to CVs we have already written)

Price on application – quite simply, because different people will have different amounts of changes they wish to make over varying periods of time. Please contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Phone Consultation Extension

Experience has shown us that the consultation time of ½ or 1 hour included in the price of your purchase is almost always enough time. However, if you wish to go over this time then an additional charge of £1 per minute applies. Your telephone consultant will make this clear to you at the time of your consultation.