About us – how we’re different

How to write a CV? More importantly, how to write a CV that will stand out as the perfect CV an employer is looking for? It’s that question, creating the best CV, that we take extremely seriously. Because the best CV, means door after door will open for you.

Highly skilled CV writers

What makes our service so different? Well, unlike other CV companies, which usually comprise recruitment people, with little writing experience, we’re professional writers first and foremost. Writers with an enormous amount of experience in recruitment and HR. We know – from the inside and from the business side – what it takes to create that perfect CV.

The best CV service

This means you get the best CV service possible. A service that is well-placed and uniquely qualified to help you meet your career goals. So, when we write your CV, we’ll ensure that we carefully develop it in a way that is relevant, arresting and will stand out from the crowd. In short, we will not only make your career history look and sound better, we’ll craft it into the best CV it can possibly be.

Extensive professional experience

That’s not all. We have extensive experience of working with highly accomplished, senior HR professionals from leading companies. Experience has taught us what these HR professionals look for. So, we can get right inside their heads and use our experience to push all the right buttons to ensure the attributes they’re looking for are clearly and attractively displayed on the page.

NO CV templates

We know that you, your career history and aspirations are unique. You’re completely different from the next person and they’re nothing like the person after that. However, it’s amazing how many companies will use exactly the same framework for every person. We treat everyone as an individual. We tailor our service to suit you and your career aims. NO CV templates. Guaranteed.

How our cvs are different